Thursday, 16 January 2014

Joey atlas scam -The environmental factors in cancer development

It is related to lifestyle? Within the environmental factors, there is no doubt that the most important relate to food. In countries where the consumption of fibers is small, where the intake of fats, food additives, preservatives and coloring is great, the incidence of cancer is higher.
The more economically developed the country, the greater the consumption of these products. Modern life leads to the need for preservation of foods, and not all methods used are appropriate. Some include products that promote the increased amount of substances called carcinogenetic inside the intestine, favoring the incidence of cancer in the large intestine. The quality of life is related to the incidence of the disease? Exactly The feeding habits should be healthy.
One should eat vegetables, legumes, cereals, avoid fat (especially animal fat), smoking as little as possible, drink a little alcohol. These environmental factors are very important. - In addition to environmental factors, heredity is important? Yes About 10% of these cancers are linked to genetic factors. Today families are recognized with a greater tendency to have cancer. Medicine has evolved considerably in recent years and with specific knowledge of cell biology and cancer genetics are recognized the genes of the individual. Thus reaps the blood of a patient's cancer, as well as their descendants and, according to the result there is anyone who is likely to have cancer or not.

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