Thursday, 16 January 2014

Joey atlas scam- Excessive radiation during cancer treatment

First menstruation before age 12 late menopause Enter menopause after 55 Peso Being overweight, especially around the waist, with overconsumption of calories and fat, especially after menopause excessive radiation Especially true for women who received radiation to treat inflammation in the breast (mastitis) after delivery, fluoroscopic X-rays for tuberculosis or who were exposed to large amounts of radiation before age 30, usually to treat cancer and lymphomas.
 Family history of other tumors Family history of ovarian cancer, cervix or colon Parentage Women descendants of Jews from East and Europe Center alcohol Compared with women who did not drink, those who consume one alcoholic drink a day have a very small increase in risk, and those who take 2-5 servings per day showed an increase of 1.5. Alcohol also increases the risk of developing cancer of the mouth, throat and esophagus.
 Ethnicity In general, white women have a slightly higher risk than black, Asian, Hispanic and Indian Hormone Replacement Therapy. Long-term use of estrogen and progesterone The risk returns to normal five years after the end of therapy. Low risk pregnancy before age 18 Menopause Early surgical removal of the ovaries before 37 years Most women with breast cancer have a family history of the disease? No. Women with a family history of breast cancer are only 5% to 10% of cases.

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